Mice Rat Squirrel Exclusion Program

Good rodent control begins with a professional inspection.
At PestAgon your service specialist will conduct a thorough inspection of your property prior to making any recommendations. This enables us to implement a program, which is designed specifically around your unique situation.

There are several signs our service specialist looks for during a rodent inspection:

Urine stains
Rodent sounds
Live or dead rodents
Gnawing damage
Grease Marks
Rodent odors

Rodent Prevention and Control

The bottom-line to long-term rodent control is the fact that rodents must have adequate food, water and shelter to live and thrive. So...wherever there is an abundance of rats or mice  there is usually plenty of food and shelter available. The best way to control these unwanted visitors is to remove these sources, and reduce the ways for them to get into structures.

The first step is a cleanup program. Poor sanitation and the presence of garbage help rodents to survive in residential areas. Rodents find shelter under old lumber piles, stacked firewood, piles of old papers, boxes, bags, broken-down sheds, trash dumps, high weeds and abandoned vehicles. All such areas must be eliminated.

Rodent Proofing
Rodent proofing is a vital part of a complete rodent control program. The objective is to close all potential openings, which may serve as an entry point. PestAgon uses materials such as: sheet metal, heavy wire mesh, copper wool, concrete, etc. Each of these materials has proven to be the most effective in sealing out these unwanted visitors.

The exclusion program is designed to:

Inspect conditions conducive to rodents
Identify rodents and rodent damage
Seal/close any entry and exit points
Install traps
Return and remove traps
1 year renewable warranty

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