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PestAgon Pest Control specializes in providing pest & rodent control services for restaurants in Boston, Peabody, Gloucester, Newton and Framingham Massachusetts. From a small restaurant kiosk 0f 1000 square feet to a national chain restaurant with over 20,000 square feet we provide the same high level of excellent customer service and develop a pest control plan to individually address each restaurant’s unique needs.

Interior & Exterior Pest and Rodent Control Service

Elimination of Pest control problems for restaurants is absolutely necessary
for the success of the establishment. Obviously the discovery of pest and/or
rodents is a serious health concern.   Pests around food preparation could
lead to embarrassment and loss of customers if not a state mandated
shut down if the problems are not immediately remediated.

Our trained pest and rodent control technicians will thoroughly examine the interior/exterior of the restaurant to determine where the pest and/or rodents are entering the building. Additionally we will determine the potential food sources as well as areas in the restaurant that require attention to prevent further pest problems. We look for pipe chase openings, filthy dumpster conditions, moisture problems, cracks that harbor roaches and openings that are just part of the ambiance of the restaurant.  The main pests we are typically concerned with is fruit flies, house flies, cockroaches, ants and wasps, mice and rats.

After our examination, we will consult with the restaurant owners or managers and inform them of our findings and make recommendations as to the best treatment for pest problems. At PestAgon Pest Control we employ an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, which are the industry’s best practices to ensure the long term elimination of pests and rodents at the most affordable price.

If your restaurant is experiencing pest and rodent problems and need immediate attention please Contact us today for a Free Evaluation of your restaurant Pest & Rodent Control problems. We can be reached at 888-921-2847 or by email.

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