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The North Shore’s climate is perfect for a variety of pests.
Termites, Squirrels, Mice, fleas, spiders, ant and roaches flourish in
our environment. If your home isn’t properly treated by a Peabody
pest control company or if it hasn’t properly been cleared after one
of these types of pests infested, they might eventually end up making
your home their home. It is important to find a Peabody pest control
company that is going to do a thorough job, so that your home remains
as pest free as possible.
Pests could potentially become a health risk to the occupants of your
home or building, or compromise its structural integrity. If they infest,
it is crucial to get professional help as soon as possible.

PestAgon Pest Services has been the premier pest control
company in Peabody, Massachusetts since 1984. We are honored to
provide our neighbors in Peabody with pest control services that are
top quality. Our extensive knowledge of the behavior of pests in Massachusetts has allowed us to provide our customers with the finest pest control services available. Our pest control services have helped our customers in Peabody keep their homes safe from pests that are indigenous to Massachusetts.

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Call us today and a friendly representative will be ready to answer any questions and set up a no-obligation inspection by a qualified service technician.

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Our pest experts can perform an extensive inspection of your home and discover infestations in places that you would never imagine possible. Not all pests leave tell tale signs of infestations like mud tubes, webs or discarded wings. Sometimes infestations can be virtually undetectable. The specialists at
PestAgon Pest Control Services have the experience to identify trouble spots in your home and can find infestations that other Peabody pest control companies might overlook. We can conduct a meticulous investigation of your home and make sure that it is safe from pests.

If we discover an infestation, PestAgon Termite and Pest Services can provide our customers with first class pest and termite control services. We are the Peabody pest control company you can depend on to help you if your home is infested. PestAgon Pest Control is dedicated to providing our customers in Peabody with pest control services that can help get their homes safe from pests again. Get rid of irritating pests and get your home under control with pest control services from PestAgon Pest Control for more information on our Peabody pest control services, contact us today!

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