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Since 1984, PestAgon Pest Control has been providing
the finest pest control in the form of eradication and prevention
in the Charlestown, Massachusetts area. Our pest control services
include many different types of pests, including ants, mice, rats,
fleas, roaches, spiders, and termites. We are certain that our
experience with these pests can help you, and we just hope that
you’ll give us a call if you have a pest control problem in the
Charlestown or Greater Boston areas of Massachusetts.
Accurate pest control first begins with proper identification. If you can’t tell what type of creature you are dealing with, it is very hard to correctly control the problem. Here we have listed short descriptions of each pest type, but for more information, please contact us and we can answer any further questions that you may have.

Ants are difficult to control, and consequently have become a major problem all over the country. Although not as damaging to structures as termites, they are still a quite frustrating pest. Searching for sweet or greasy material, ants can enter through the tiniest of cracks and soon be found in your kitchen pantry or storeroom. As ants travel, they actually leave behind an invisible chemical trail that others can follow once the food source has been located. This creates an almost endless stream of workers, creating a real problem for some pest control techniques. With PestAgon however, you can be certain that all ants will be completely eradicated. Most people do not realize that when pest control is not performed by pest control professionals, only the ants that are visible are eliminated, leaving most of the colony still thriving back at the nest. Truly effective treatment actually penetrates and completely destroys the ants’ nest, preventing them from returning. With PestAgon Pest Control  you are guaranteed of having an ant-free home.

These tiny pests are usually carried home by a pet, and once inside, can grow into huge populations very quickly. One female flea can lay approximately eighteen eggs a day, which means that just twenty fleas on an animal can produce over 2000 eggs in a week. Once you call for our pest control service for fleas it is important to remove as many objects from the floor such as things under the bed and children’s toys. You will also want to wash all bedding, vacuum the rugs, remove and dispose of the vacuum bag and remove pets prior to the actual treatment and be prepared to leave your home for approximately four hours in order for the floors to dry. Pest control for fleas can be a delicate matter, so if you suspect a flea infestation, please don’t hesitate to contact PestAgon Pest Control  right away.

Roaches are a nasty pest, capable of wreaking havoc on your home. They can enter your house in a variety of different ways – through cracks, vents, sewers, and even hitch a ride in a grocery bag. Your home is an ideal environment for roaches to breed as it is warm and contains plenty of food, water, and places to nest. Roaches can reproduce quickly, meaning that for every one you spot, there could be at least 200 more multiplying behind your walls. Roaches’ eggs are also naturally protected from some insecticides, so for correct pest control, the special equipment that PestAgon Pest Control  utilizes is necessary. Please contact us if you suspect a problem with these pests.

These eight-legged creatures are commonly found hiding in dark areas. Some enjoy moisture, and thrive in environments like basements, crawl spaces, and other damp parts of structures; while others prefer dry, warm areas such as air vents, upper corners of rooms, and attics. If you suspect a spider infestation, contact us at PestAgon Pest Control  immediately and we can help.

First off, finding evidence of termite activity does not mean it is too late to save your home – but it does require quick action. If you suspect termite activity, please contact us immediately. Because termites are subversive little creatures that are almost always hidden from view – and because they work and eat twenty-four hours a day – their colonies can go undiscovered until serious damage is done. It is commonly known that termites feed on wood, but what many people do not realize is that they can feed on any cellulose-based substances. This includes such other things as books, boxes, various types of furniture, and drywall. Termites can also burrow hundreds of feet through soil to reach their food, so it is important to take note of your immediate surroundings – not just your specific property. And because homeowners insurance does not normally cover termite damage, early termite detection and repeated treatment are crucial to protecting your home. Contact PestAgon Termite and Pest Control today if you suspect a termite infestation.

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